Looking towards a clearer future?

Now available, Dr Goldfield Hwang is offering Four Pillars of Destiny counseling services.

The Four Pillars of Destiny is an ancient Asian system of divination and fortune-telling.

It uses your birth year, month, day, and time to reveal your character and hints towards your future. It can reveal times when you will be more fortunate and prosperous. As well, it can reveal important parts of you such as the best foods for you, the best jobs for you, and much more.

Dr Goldfield has trained since his childhood in this ancient school of thought. He is a rare English-speaking Four Pillars teacher with this level of knowledge.

You can book:

  • Four Pillars session (30-minutes)
  • Four Pillars + Outlook for each decade of your life (60-minutes)
  • Four Pillars + Outlook for each year of your life (120-minutes)
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If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, you can get a in-store consultation.

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Now, you can book an online video consultation with Dr Goldfield Hwang.